Partner Program

We unite innovators to build & grow together

Connecting startups for partnerships and growth opportunities. By offering discounts to tools & services, strategic alliances and a community to accelerate growth.

About the program

Launched in 2024, our Collaboration Program is designed to connect startups and foster collaborative partnerships within the vibrant ecosystem.

We're on a mission to unite like-minded innovators, creating a powerhouse of collaborative partnerships. Whether you're a startup with a hot product ready to revolutionize the market or you're hungry for support to skyrocket your growth, we've got you covered!

Join forces with us to unlock exclusive discounts on game-changing services, forge strategic alliances, and ignite your journey to dominance in the startup realm.

Let's turn ideas into action, dreams into reality, and together, let's conquer the future!

Program benefits

Why you should join the program

Perks of being a collaborator.

Widen your distribution channel

Distribute your tech product through other partners in the community

Speed up development

Unlock early access to Akiba’s offerings - up to 5,000 API credits.

Cut costs

Get access to partner tool discounts.

Build partnerships to increase your ROI

Product Market fit
Cost Saving

The value of joining forces 🤩

✅ Join a community of potential partners

✅ Get free API credits and discounted tech products

✅ Access free resources

Does this sound like what your company needs?

Eligibility criteria 🤔

✅ You are an Exec or Founders of tech company built for Africa

✅ Your tech company who are actively operating

✅ Your company open to strategic partnerships

If you meet these conditions, complete application to join the Collaborate community

Partner reviews

Don’t take our word for it

We are building with startups who leverage our products and community to get-to-market quicker and scale their customer value.

“Amazing API partners! ”

The Akiba team gave us free APIs to run verifications and risk analysis of our users and we launched within 6 weeks from design. Now the team is helping us smoothen our origination process

Guy Hawkins
“Got a strategic partner within weeks”

I joined the Collaborate community and immediately joined a webinar through my accelerator. Unlike partner programs, this one is free and offered me so many options to distribute my tech product with the tech ecosystem

Courtney Henry
"Best kept distribution secret!"

I joined one of the sessions on scaling products quicker and the distribution models they shared (and the free credits) were really useful for our startup .

Kristin Watson
Are you a startup accelerator?

If you have any questions about joining the Collaborate program as a startup accelerator or equivalent use our chat for quicker responses or email us: